What Does the Density of Memory Foam Mattress Mean?

There are several different measurements you can use to judge or compare memory foam mattresses. The main two are the density, and the ILD rating.



One of the main measurements to refer to is the density of the memory foam. It is often expressed as a weight, ie 65kg. This should really be expressed as a density though, i.e. - it really means 65kg per square meter, or that a cube of the foam 1 meter in each direction would weigh 65kg. Whilst this measurement doesn't give you the whole story, you can use it as a good rule of thumb.


To get a denser memory foam, the manufacturer has to put in more of the raw materials that compose the foam. Most premium mattresses you can buy use a 65 or a 70kg memory foam, and the cheapest end of the scale have started to use as low as a 40kg memory foam. The difference in quality is very noticeable. The lower end of the scale does not offer the same lush, soft genuine memory foam feeling you get from a decent density of foam.


Our memory foam mattresses all use a 65kg memory foam, which we feel offers you the comfort levels of a £1000+ mattress at a reasonable price. But obviously we have a vested interest in this - have a look for yourself and compare the prices and densities of our competitors mattress' and ours - we're convinced you'll feel the same way we do.


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