What is the Initial Smell from my Memory Foam Mattress?

All memory foam mattresses and products give off a distinctive odour once opened. This is normal and the smell is a by-product of the manufacturing process. This 'new foam' smell is safe and non-toxic and does not trigger allergies, but it can bother people who are sensitive to smells.


Our memory foam mattresses are aired out for several days after manufacturing, but if the smell is still too strong for you when you unpack the mattress then it is advisable, if possible, to let the mattress air for a day or two in a well ventilated room before use. If the smell doesn't bother you then feel free to sleep away!


The smell should ease up after anything between a couple of days and a week or so, depending on the memory foam mattress production date, the environment you have it in, and how sensitive you are to the smell.


To help speed up the process though, here are some more tips -


  • Keep the room with the mattress in well aired.
  • Wash the sheets after the first night or two, and repeat as necessary.
  • For some, a dish of vinegar by the bed can help neutralise the odours.
  • Ozone generators or air filtration can help if you have access to one.  

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